A Quick Look at ENS Domains Distribution

A Quick Look at ENS Domains Distribution

In NFT pfp collections, the concept of distribution is used all the time. If a collection has more owners, it’s seen as healthier since it has more ‘evangelists’ and also fewer potential ‘mega dumpers’ But in ENS the concept is a bit newer because till recently there were no clearly defined collections.

Now that ens.vision has implemented categories, it’s possible to look at distribution. So what are the best & worst distributed sub-collections within ENS domains

Out of the 25 top-selling collections, the five with the best distribution (fewer domains per owner) are:
3-letter 1st Name :point_right: 1.22 domains per owner
3-letter palindrome :point_right: 1.33 dpo
3-letter dictionary !:point_right: 1.47 dpo
10k palindrome :point_right: 1.48 dpo
999 palindrome 1.49 dpo

The five top-selling collections with the worst distribution currently are:
Arabic 10K :point_right: 4.42 domains per owner
100K Club :point_right: 4.23 dpo
3 Hex Club :point_right: 3.63 dpo
Triple-Pure Ethmoji :point_right: 2.65 dpo
Pre-Punk Domains :point_right: 2.40 dpo

But where are the 3 collections with the largest sales volume (10k, 999, 3-letter) situated? Well, they are middle of the road in terms of distribution:
999 :point_right: has an average of 1.97 domains per holder
3-letter :point_right: has an average of 2.14
10K :point_right: has an average of 2.29

Below is the full data set with the Top 25 ENS collections ordered by their distribution score (dpo)