Advantages of having ENS on ETH

Let’s discuss the advantages of having ENS on the Ethereum blockchain. An ENS domain name as an NFT on Ethereum can do many things but we will focus on 3 major practical use-cases:

1- Your ENS name is your portable cross-platform web3 username and profile

Example: []

You will be able to sign in to web3 or even web2 applications using your ENS account.

2- A simple name to represent your wallet address

  • Replace 0x6348… with name.eth (working on metamask)
  • Coinbase wallet and Gamestop wallet are also integrated with ENS where you can either use your personal ENS name or a free subdomain given by the wallet.

ENS is a solution for wallets and exchanges to reduce error and improve user experience.

3- You can launch your decentralized website using IPFS and ENS

We plan on diving deep into each use case and exploring more of the possibilities of ENS. For now, here are some advantages of ENS living on Ethereum that expand on the utility of ENS:

1- Decentralized naming system and website (Through #IPFS)

  • Low to no hosting fees (depending on the requirements of the website)
  • Improved security
  • ENS can point to DApps
  • Full self custody over your domains - Registration renewal required

2- Censorship proof

  • The Registrant/Controller wallet controls any edits or changes to the domain name
  • Easy transferability (like sending an NFT
  • You can simply change the registrant on the ENS app (Only works if you are the registrant or the controller)

3- Composability (Interact with other Ethereum smart contracts, integrations)

  • Sign contracts with your ENS
  • Names owned by DAOs (A collective or participant or subdomain registrants)
  • Names used as collateral or held by contracts

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These are great points. I think one big challenge for ENS will be educating Web2 users (the vast majority of internet users) about .ETH. Web2 has spend decades and billions of dollars branding .com!


That’s what ENS Academy is focused on! With the forum and the podcast, we hope to facilitate a free educational platform for all things ENS.