Are MEME domains a good thing?

1- Recently there are a lot of MEME ENS sales, someone says MEME domain is the coming trend, and I strongly disagree. You might think under web3 it is cool to wear a MEME ENS as personal ID or title, however, how do other people input this shit when trying to wire crypto to you?

2- Someone might further argue: you can copy/paste the MEME to proceed wiring. Well you might have forgotten the essence of domain, which is to key in short and human readable names to avoid copy/paste so that it is more secured and convenient.

3- In the domain world, anything outside of standard English keyboard is bullshit. You don’t buy the domain for looking only, you do expect others to use it(which is to type it no matter for wiring or dweb accessing). Just make sure your domain is always ASCII.

By Master.eth

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I agree. Anything other than ASCII is a waste of time . Only time these will be worth anything in my opinion is a wash trade :joy::ok_hand:t5:.

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