Best practices for selling ens names

Hi I own quite a few ens domain names and was wondering what your best practices were for finding buyers and selling names; any input and tips would help.

I can start first there are some twitter spaces hosted by people like @ishmilly on twitter where they share appraisals on ENS names and there’s some private twitter rooms I’m in with ens names where u can share some names for sale too.

What have been your best practices for selling ens names?

Btw feel free to check my opensea for my ens names if you are interested in any as well.

My Opensea is @rayahn

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I have the same questions. I think marketing your domains is the hardest part of selling them.

I was considering a brokerage service but there isn’t any yet that I can find. One thing I would do is based on the name you can reach out to potential buyers with a reasonable proposal that isn’t too high. I would work in some of the potential usecase for the domain and maybe how it will add value to their business or work stream.

I also think it’s just way to early right now. Holding for a few months until all the dust settles would be a good idea imo.

Wish you all the best :slight_smile: