ENS - A Fertile Ground For Innovation

I believe ENS is positioned to be bigger than we can ever imagine.

Once I was introduced to ENS it completely took over my mind because the more I learned about it the more I was excited about the endless opportunity and utility it provides.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • ENS is what the crypto world needs to facilitate mass adoption. Removing friction from the user experience is the #1 factor to impact adoption so with ENS no one will ever need to copy past their 0x24wt424… and instead just give their name.eth
  • Sign in with ETH will make our lives easier because you will never need to remember passwords ever and you can just use your name to login to any application. I know what a pain it is today to maintain dozens if not hundreds of accounts online but how about one ENS to rule them all?
  • Solving problems for global markets. I know an artist in the Lebanon using their ENS to sell their art online so imagine everyone being able to participate just because of their ENS name. Wherever you are you can mint an ENS name and use it to receive payments, create brands, club or community, web3 identity, sign in to daaps and much more.
  • The name wrapper is being released in August which will change everything. You will be able to sell or rent subdomains. for example, if you are an artists you can sell your art as a subdomain and that doubles as a membership to access certain content or whatever you want to build a community for.
  • You can use your ENS to crowdfund securely without a middle man tool. Imagine an ICO but using the root domain with subdomains as stake for those who participate. Say you want to build a certain product and you need money so you can sell subdomain shares.
  • In the future companies can simply give you a subdomain if you work there and that will grant you access to certain things even can unlock doors with your wallet instead of a key card.

As I am writing this, new ideas and use cases are presenting themselves to me because this is a tool that you can build on top solve problems we couldn’t solve with web2.

We are super early which is why many are sitting on the sidelines but with ENS as a non profit public good it’s like giving the world something they need but they don’t know it yet. Don’t be too late.