ENS Fractionalization - What's Next?

In the last few days we’ve seen KuCoin & MEXC tokenize $ENS digits

  • KuCoin did 4 digits w/the help of @FractonProtocol
  • MEXC mostly did 4 digits with some 5 digits
  • In mid July @OnRallyRd crowd sold 105.eth imo 3 digits next

Why Fractionalize?

  • When an asset is too expensive to buy alone
  • Investment firms fractionalize Real Estate (REITs)
  • Companies are fractionalized (shares of stock)
  • Even sports teams often fractionalized
  • Within ENS what’s too expensive for most investors?


  • In order to fractionalize, the structure will want to know there is liquidity
  • 8,200 ETH of 3 digits have been traded
  • 300 ETH of buying could be done at an average price of ~30 ETH, 11% above the floor price
  • 300 ETH of buying in 4ds would move floor price up 25%

By 008