#ENS is only 1.7% the size of .com

FUN FACT :eyes:

161 million .com domain names are currently registered, the vast majority for commercial uses In terms of registrations, #ENS is only 1.7% the size of .com What are the implications?

Sole purpose of a .com: to translate human readable domain names to machine readable IP addresses for websites

ENS, being for everyone, not just businesses, achieves far more than a .com yet there have only been 2.78M registered

ENS not only provides a human-readable website address— it provides the capability to host content on that website in a decentralized, censorship-resistant manner

Yet this is just one benefit among many others an ENS domain enables:

:white_check_mark: memorable wallet address
:white_check_mark: universal web3 identity
:white_check_mark: cross-chain wallet
:white_check_mark: email router
:white_check_mark: decentralized linktree
:white_check_mark: decentralized SM profile
:white_check_mark: sovereign ownership
:white_check_mark: web3 business card
:white_check_mark: And the big bonus: ENS names are easily tradable or transferable as they are housed as NFT assets

BONUS FUN FACT: There are an estimated 333.34M companies in the world

From this coupled with the fact that 161M .com’s are registered we can extrapolate that perhaps about 48.3% companies have a .com

Not bad adoption rate BUT there are actually 359M domains registered including those beyond .com (.net, etc.)

In other words, it’s safe to say that a vast majority of businesses own a traditional domain name

But what is the potential user base of ENS?

Very debatable but what if we assumed that anyone with a smart phone would be a potential ENS user in a Web3 world?

That’s 6.64 Billion people— 19x the number of companies in the world

THUS in my estimation, an ENS domain…

offers at least 10x the utility of a .com

to 19x more potential users than .com

YET ONLY 2.78M are taken?

CONCLUSION: This can only mean that the opportunity to secure strategic, very valuable ENS domain names is still vast

And you should disregard the illogical conclusions that “all the good ENS domains are already taken”

However as always, this is not meant to be financial advice, these are my own personal ponderings

The market will always decide value but it’s going to be fun to watch ENS adoption grow in the years ahead

Original tweet by Ktrap.eth: https://twitter.com/ktrap/status/1595461714577088512?s=20&t=FnCX6UAfOEH8g5RJi2tFVA