ENS is the largest and most accessible NFT project yet!

ENS is the largest and most accessible NFT project w/ 500k+ owners.

  • Owners often change twitter names to their ENS #
  • Numbers are universal & collectible
  • ENS is your passport across the metaverse
    - Full disclosure I ape’d in, not financial advice

User Base:

  • 4/29 343k owners, 5/2 358k owners
  • Last 3 days added a large 20k pfp project’s unique owners count
  • Global user base, US to UAE, China to France, India to Brazil

Accessible at all price points:

  • ETH or NFT whale, buy 3 digit
  • 1st NFT purchase, buy 5 digits or word combo
  • Want to make a big bet, you can
  • Want to register for 0.03 eth, you can
  • ENS is the only NFT project I could genuinely recommend to someone without tons of money

Monetization of ENS by owners:

  • Right now there is a gold rush for 3-5 digits & 3 letter combos
  • Anyone can register a 5-digit or phrase for <0.03 ETH - Some may flip, others will build a business/portfolio
  • Sell subdomains
  • Expand the frontier of ENS with innovations

ENS = a better model than Play to Earn:

  • Today nearly all meta/gaming NFT projects are a form of play to earn
  • Grind, get altcoin, convert to stables
  • Sounds like an office job
  • An ENS allows you to either sell on OS or market your portfolio to relevant businesses

Numbers Universal:

  • People have lucky numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and memorable moments
  • Numbers are cross-cultural
  • We are used to identifying with, area & country codes, and addresses.
  • People can typically remember 7 numbers in working memory

Turning ENS into a collectible:

  • The NFT community understands collecting, 999 and @10kClubOfficial were born
  • Followed by the 100k, 3 letter, 0x club
  • All of this is giving ENS an explosion of new users & fees to build more utility
  • ENS = ENS, there is no rug

Remove Bias:

  • a # has no race, gender, nationality, age
  • everyone is on equal footing
  • it is easy to remember a number vs an unfamiliar name


  • you’re in twitter spaces and hear someone talk. They had an orange moon cat and were smart. I don’t remember their name … good luck finding - you’re listening to someone talk … it’s 4343.eth, a few hours later you want to follow. 4343 enter key = done


  • Current metaverse is mostly twtr & discord, pfps our identity
  • Fut metaverse projects, connect wallet, ENS is your identity
  • Change avatar, ENS remains
  • Your avatar renders in metaverse A, but is not integrated in metaverse B. ENS remains
  • it’s text

By 008

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Imagine if we have multiple identities in the metaverse each with a unique ENS and PFP! In this case the number of ENS registrations will skyrocket!