ENS reached a milestone!

ENS has recently reached a significant milestone and it might be already too big to fall. Why? For key contributor/influencer of ENS, I categorize as below 5:

  1. Personal Users
  2. Domain Investors
  3. NFT(ART) Investors
  4. Famous People
  5. Big companies Below is each…

Lets dive deeper…

  1. Personal Users This is the basic unit and element of ENS. ENS is meant to be everyone’s ID, and its vision is 7 billion population in this world. Data of increasing participating address can prove ENS’ massive adoption for real.

  2. Domain Investors Professional web2 domainers are joining the game recently. One common way they handle domain is bulk registration, easy and brutal. Recent ENS’ 3 and 4 digits quickly been minted out all thanks to them. Great work.

  3. NFT(Art) Investor Web2 domainers skill is batch, while Art investor’s style is to sweep the floor. Thanks to 999/10K club, now domain has certain collections that they can start sweeping. And with stronger filter functions in the near future there will be more to come.

  4. Famous People - @ethleaderboard did a great job ranking the top followers whose twitter handle got a .eth. Those famous people don’t need to do anything further and millions of their followers will just ask “what is .eth” after keep seeing these profile day after day…

  5. Big Companies Big companies’ on boarding ENS pace will be slow, due to their complicated old school internal procedures and “everything via legal” principle, we know legal is super powerful in big companies and crypto/ENS is something anti-legal.

However, when ENS become strong enough, it will be something big companies cannot further overlook, they just can’t pretend they are not seeing it anymore, because their management team/staff/partners everyone already have a .eth will make some impact for sure.

Therefore it is just a matter of time for massive adoption of ENS by big companies, and once it happens, it will greatly influence back to those contributor 1/2/3/4, but this would be much much powerful than any of the rest, give the size of these giants are huge.

ENS is domain, ENS is also NFT. Let’s take an easy comparison and see how many influencers above that domain and art NFT has. For domain(web2), it is 5-2: big company-web2 domainer. For art NFT, it is 3-4-1: NFT investor-famous people- end user. See something interesting?

With all above mentioned contributor No.1/2/3/4/5, ENS is being blessed by everyone, everything, all news is just good news. Everyone will just do their jobs, domainers keep doing batch, NFTers keep sweeping. famous people stay famous… What we can do on ENS then? Just hodl.

By Master.eth

It will be interesting to see if ENS develops into an asset class just like real estate, stocks, etc. Surprisingly DNS never developed into an asset class. For instance, there are no funds, investment firms, etc that actively invest in DNS (as far as I know).