ENS terms you should know:

Here are some ENS terms you should know:

  1. Registry: The smart contract that holds all of information regarding ENS names, subdomains, owners for each, etc.

  2. Resolver: The smart contract that translates the ENS name to its resource such as crypto wallet/content hash.

  3. Controller: Controls editing the records of the name. Registrant or controller is allowed to change the controller of a name.

  4. Registrant: The owner of the ENS name, is allowed to transfer registration to another wallet and set the controller address.

  5. Expiration Date: When you must renew your ENS name, after the time is up your name will be put into a grace period for 90 days giving you the chance to renew it during that time period in order to retain ownership.

*Anyone is allowed to extend a registration date.

  1. Primary ENS Name: The name that will be your username across all Ethereum dapps.


  1. Text Records: allows you to build/ add content to your name such as add an avatar, description, email, url, twitter username, github username, telegram username, etc.

  1. Subdomains: Owner and controller creates and controls them, they are an extension of the parent domain and can also resolve to an address/ IPFS website.

*Most of this information I got from https://docs.ens.domains & If you feel there are any other terms that I should have added feel free to add them in the comments below.

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/dr3a_eth/status/1560023050900443136?s=20&t=EKAPuSvq9mytJE-P6BAAPA

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