ENS: The most revolutionary invention in blockchain

The Ethereum Name Service will be considered as one of the most revolutionary inventions in the #blockchain world.

When excel was invented, no one knew the potential of such software. Now we can’t imagine business without it. Just as you can’t imagine the internet without #DNS

#ENS is at that scale and even bigger because not only it’s a name for your #Web3 domain but also a name for your wallet, email and much more.

Did you know you can even name smart contracts with ENS? This use case is not discussed much but once it’s discovered, it will change the game for #smartcontracts.

Imagine referencing to a smart contract by its #ENS. it’s not really mentioned in the documentation. You need to write a function into the contract to call setName on the reverse registrar.


Thanks to @hodl_pcc founder of @esf_eth subdomain factory you can copy this function he created to use for your own contract:

This is just one more use case of many yet to be discovered for #ENS. What other use cases can you think of for this technology?