How to choose a suffix!

  1. This is an important thread to share how to choose suffix smartly in blockchain domain. Here we have .eth for ENS, .tez from tezos chain, .sol from Solana, and a bunch of suffixes “announced” by UD. Question is, which one is really valuable, and will the trend get changed?

  2. To Answer this question, let’s take a look on the web2 domains, we all know that .com is the king, why?
    Because it is the first well known suffix that used my most firms. But can .com do anything different from .net/.org/? No it can’t. The first takes all, just like bitcoin.

  3. In blockchain world it is a bit more complicated . ETH,SOL,TEZ are separate chains, their design is different at the first place, which domain has more value will be depended on which chain can last long and forever.
    Will Ethereum be the last winner? Well I never had a doubt.

  4. Next it, under same chain, which suffix is more valuable, such as ENS and UD. This is a more interesting question. All web2 domain domain suffixes are approved by ICANN, who controls the root “dot” that name service all domains, and who is that ICANN in blockchain domain?

  5. There is no such ICANN, because if there is any, then it is not a decentralized world. Web2 domain relies on ICANN to approve their name service to the root “dot”, and blockchain domain relies on one and another wallet & browsers to patch in their service, down to up.

  6. In that way, quantity of integrated wallet/browser service will value the domain project. In this measurement, ENS has 500+ integrations already, which is way leading the other projects. Strange thing is that ENS is always low profile in marketing, how come so high exposure?

  7. There are 2 ways of integrations:

  • Pro-active. Native belief, born proud, just as ENS, wallets/browsers will pro-actively approach and want to integrate ENS, because by doing so their wallet/browser will look more legit, onboarding ENS is adding value to their product

  • 2nd kind is commercial cooperation. Domain project approach wallets/browsers one after another, pay to let them integrate their service, then buy SEO in google to collect blockchain-amateurs on board. This will work as well, but clearly there is a gap comparing to the first.

  1. All domains need renewal, permanent thing never exist, because that could mean 10000 year or more. UD is a centralized for-profit company(not a DAO), they received your payment for domain now, but who can guarantee they are still in service after 10000 years? This is bullshit.

  2. Ethereum is an open land, anyone can create smart contract on it, you can create your own .eth service as well, but just no one will use it. I saw UD “announced” 10 suffixes as their service, you know what this looks to me? Like a dog shitting everywhere to declare its land…

  1. Do not acquire a domain simply because it looks cool, you need to know where it comes from, under what technology, and if it is indeed valuable then why you can still get it so easily, others are all fool and just you clever? There is no free lunch in the world, my friend.

  2. Thank you for your time reading the whole thread. About domain we have our own thoughts and attitudes, but it will never be wrong by doing little more study. Any questions feel free to DM, good luck with all your ventures in crypto domain world!

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