Internet needs naming

Internet needs naming.

Computer identifier are not recognized by humans & vise versa. Without DNS the internet would not have taken off as it did. Blockchain comes to the picture and it too needs naming. Your wallet address is comparable to the IP address of a website.

Each crypto wallet will need a name to replace the 42 hexadecimal address with a human readable name. With 144 million active wallets right now, it will be very hard to scale as more people onboard to crypto. You want people to know you by your name & not by a sting of computer generated characters.

ENS is to blockchain as DNS is to internet. However, it’s much more than just that. ENS is a solution to many problems that we all struggle with online. ENS is not only your wallet address but also is a decentralized, censorship resistant domain

You can launch your website using your #ENS domain with tools like @FleekHQ.

Checkout @DylanMeador for more content on how to do that. He also created a toolkit for the cause.

ENS can be an extension to DNS. You can actually import your DNS domains to ENS and enjoy the utility enabled by ENS. So if you already have a website, you can use the same domain to receive crypto.

So just like you can’t imagine using the internet by copy pasting IP addresses to your browser, you will laugh at how we used to send crypto to each other by copy pasting wallet addresses to each other. If you enjoyed this please RT so we can onboard more people to ENS

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