NameWrapper Deployed on Goerli Testnet!


We deployed the NameWrapper to Goerli testnet today. This deployment culminates over a year of research, development and iteration on the architecture of the contracts, at least one complete rewrite, 2 formal audits and multiple informal audits including one from


The NameWrapper at its core is an improvement to the immutable registry contract, built at a time when ERC721 didn’t exist. At its essence it is infusing ENS with the token standards of recent years.

We did this in 2019 for .eth names, but this rolls it out for all ENS names

We kept things as simple as possible, but we couldn’t help but add in some key things that we knew our users wanted. Provably trustless subname ownership

NameWrapper adds in ways to burn your ability to control subnames, opening a wide range of trustless subname applications

This was previously only possible by permanently giving ownership of your name over to a contract and losing the ability to change the owner forever.

With the new NameWrapper, this is no longer the case.

The new .eth controller has also been updated to allow wrapped names to be registered by default.

It also adds a lot of gas efficiencies, including the ability to set your records and primary ENS name in 1 transaction. This turned a previously 4 transaction process into 2.

The reverse registrar had to be updated to allow the registration to be improved. It also has a small, but significant update to primary ens names for contracts. As owner() of a contract, you can set the ens name on behalf of the contract allowing retroactive PEN for contracts.

Lastly the resolver has been updated to allow much of the above registration improvements, but also making it NameWrapper aware, allowing ownership in the wrapper to edit records.

For more details on the addresses on Goerli, you can read this post on the ENS DAO forums:…

With deployment to testnet, we can allow the community to start building on it, do more testing and ultimately prepare for mainnet! One more step for ENS

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