On-chain Business Cards

This on-chain business card may appear simple, but there’s more than meets the eye. The card can be amended on-chain w/ gas fee. Implications:

  • Buy new ENS digits, reflect change
  • Lose access to hot wallet, re-issue, delete original text
  • Retire as degen: Rebrand - SBT

Business Cards as SBTs - @VitalikButerin

recently co-authored a paper on Soul Bound Tokens

  • “SBTs would enable us to trace the social provenance”
  • Holding an SBT verified by digits community, shows you own an ENS digit AND are active as a personality in the community

Origin Story P1

  • Early May 006, 587, 562, and I zoomed
  • That night 006 bought 006 for 32 ETH and I bought 005 for 50 ETH
  • I wanted to commemorate these buys by giving 006 a memento
  • I sent a test-net squiggle (cool, $0 price NFT)
  • Memorializing connection on-chain

Origin P2

  • Few days later, met IRL w/ graphic designer about 10k club merch
  • Felt sweatshirts & hats didn’t represent us - What about business cards?
  • Posted & got 300 likes in 1 hour
  • Thought these should be on-chain, cement web3 connections, $0 but meaningful NFT

Why Digit Community P1

  • ENS digit community is tight knit w/ known personalities
  • Digits holders are active in twitter, discord, spaces, IRL events
  • Genesis mints are people I can personally attest as persistent personalities within community

Why Digit Community P2

  • 999 and 10k have no centralized governance, there’s no wen devs
  • This is a project built by an ENS Degen for ENS Degens - 0 mint fee, 0 gas, 0% royalties, no wallet connect
  • A way to connect more than a twitter follow

Fully On-Chain

  • The image of the card is rendered from the Ethereum blockchain, not a 3rd party hosting site like AWS, IPFS
  • Any amendments to card require spending gas to process, fully recorded on the blockchain
  • As long as you can access ETH, can view, no firewalls

Things to Come P1

  • The next step is adding a polygon layer, currently getting finishing touches on test net - Each card holder will get 50x Polygon copies of their card
  • Card holders will receive sufficient MATIC to cover cost of sending cards to people you meet in web3

Things to Come P2

  • If 3 Genesis holders send their polygon card to you, you can request a custom card
  • Community attesting you are a real person
  • Goal is to create a self-regulating SBT network
  • People who receive many cards are more likely to be reliable & active

Future of Crypto is Increasingly Social

  • 2021 ushered in era of flexing your wallet
  • The next step is connecting to each other on-chain, not just via OS or Uniswap … but forming social & professional connections

By 008