This tool will bring the next wave of users to #ENS

This tool will bring the next wave of users to #ENS

A :thread:,

1/ What is this tool?


Put it simply, “Your shareable .eth profile.” is a front-end user interface and non-custodial website, where you

“Just add .co to any .eth name. You’ll see all links, NFTs, ENS domains, and profile all in one place! “

A wallet visualization tool, that allows you to show off “(…) everything you create, collect, and sell. All of your on-chain assets are already there. Apart from that you can also “Connect your wallet to customize your own profile. Add links, a bio, avatar and more - show all your stuff in one place.”

2/ And why do I think this tool will prompt people to adopt #ENS? Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and asked #ChatGPT how we could onboard new users to #ENS and this is its reply:

“Onboarding new users onto any platform or technology typically involves providing them with information and resources to help them understand and use the technology, as well as making the process of accessing and using the technology as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.”

The thing is, this new wave of #ENS users are already here. They already use cryptocurrencies, they probably already know about #ENS, and they may even own a few #ensdomains. But up until now, there hasn’t been a strong argument for what they can do with it or how to fit it into what they are already doing. Up until now, NFT creators and web 3 builders have had but just a few choices for showing their contact details or portfolios that are conducive and relevant to what they do.

And although Linktree is a fantastic tool, folks who want to be taken seriously as web3 players may prefer other tools that are more in line with their values and interests.

Additionally, tools like @ethdotco raise the bar for web3 with their customizable functionality, aesthetically pleasing layout, and user-friendly design.

Now that NFT artists have a spot to quickly organise and showcase their information, which is comparable to any web2 experience, it is an easy way to call to action. In other words, tools such as this are designed to drive traffic from your profile page to other social media platforms, marketplaces, or landing pages.

There are undoubtedly other tools that operate in a somewhat different manner, and I wanted to make sure I mentioned them here.

@financeguy74 –

(Of which I am a huge admirer and who is highly esteemed in the community, and rightfully so. The project @bcard_, which I also respect, has been included into it.)

“Just add .photos to any .eth name”

And by XYZ Registry

(.XYZ is the generic top-level domain name (“gTLD” or “TLD”) that originally helped to pioneer the ENS and DNS integration in 2018)

“Just add .xyz to any .eth name”

3/ These services are working toward making adoption a realistic goal in the near future by making it easier to show and link to the content of cryptocurrency users’ wallets. But let me stress it again, lets see it as terrific resource for someone alreadyin the ecosystem.

It also seems only reasonable that wallet contents and digital assets as a whole will become more and more coveted and a true reflection of one’s individuality or online persona, given the growing trend among millennials and generation Z to shun away from traditional investments in favour of digital assets.

“Millennials and Gen Z are planning to spend thousands on cryptocurrency, NFTs and metaverse land as holiday gifts”

Despite my bias,I would like to emphasise the significance of identity as a motivating aspect to keep in mind as the year’s central theme in 2023. “Even more than NFTs, I think an ENS domain has the potential to really be tied to your on-chain personality and profile,” the 26-year-old says.

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