Top 5 reasons why 'Super Domains' will be the best type of subdomain factories

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What is a superdomain.

1 - Superdomain

A term coined by Gary Palmer Jr to describe a situation where a single ENS domain may act as a gTLD (generic top-level domain) and obviate the need for the creation of additional domain extensions (top-level domains), such as .gov , .art or .tech, etc…which in turn, would only dilute the global domain namespace.

An example would be that the owner of Poland.eth, could launch an ISO (Initial Subdomain Offering, also coined by Gary Palmer Jr.) and sell Poland.eth subdomains, allowing thus a new set of domains to be created under it; in other words, a step into an increased complexity at the leftmost label from the name leading, in effect, to the expansion of (.eth) TLD , whilst keeping its’ relevance and coherence.

Gary Palmer jr

2 - Complexity

Another important point to emphasise is the opportunity Superdomains give to build complexity under one TLD. By doing this, a person or business can protect their brand without having to duplicate or secure across TLDs or gTLDs. Moreover consolidating under one TLD and as a result transforming their domain into a gTLD, and a Superdomain effectively. With the added benefit of having the option to keep adding layers of subdomains and/or gTLDs ad infinitum, thus creating a network under their brand.
An illustration of this idea would be how a company like Uber might set up a connected and unified self-driving fleet under its gTLD, uber.eth.

*And so on and so forth.

3 - Professions

Another exciting potential is the merger of professional guilds and associations under a single gTLD that represent their sector or profession.
As the #ENS namespace develops into a mature state equivalent to .com, which has 160M registered domains, I imagine how exhausted it will be. In such a future, a dentist, for example, will prefer to register a subdomain under dentist.eth, rather than trying to register an subpar alternative e.g number plus their name or job title.

Additionally, those who register subdomains under a professional Superdomain will gain access to to other advantages, such as: Token gate access to conferences, specialty literature, forums, etc. In addition to the presumably more expensive or applicable profession names.
But in my opinion, notoriety is more crucial, as on-chain reputation will soon become the main driver going forward.

The same goes for other groups, clubs, hobbies - big or small.

4 - Community building in Superdomains

Superdomain is ready for communities to be built on, as mentioned previously.
For the simple reason that communities can naturally form within a particular niche or simply because the infrastructure fosters community. project appears to be the initial and ideal illustration of a Superdomain that is prepared to take off.

Imagine when #Bayc actually put their Bayc.eth to use :exploding_head:

5 - Price

Finally, the use of CCIP and wildcard resolution will have an impact on the creation of subdomain factories and community-led superdomains. Because doing so will be affordable and presumably simple to automate, especially when Fortune 500 companies begin to enter this market.


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