Learn about how to import your DNS to ENS with Sean Murray

Context from tweet:

In this video I turned the dns domain into an ENS name. You can send crypto and NFTs to just like it was a .eth

Where’s the .eth part come in? It doesn’t. There is no .eth component to an imported domain. My ENS name is Try typing that into your metamask.

wait wait wait, did I mention the part that with the ENS name wrapper update you can create ENS subdomains of imported DNS domains that are tradeable NFTs? can be an 1155 NFT and I could send it to you and you could use it as your ENS name.

Did you know that this feature has been available for more than a year? I imported my first dns domain in April because I thought it was a normal thing that everyone did. I had not realized that it was considered obscure at the time. It was talked about A LOT in 2021

Link to tweet by Sean: