What is ENS? a short 101 on ENS and it's utility

If you are in the NFT community and you have a cool name tag or username then you will want to own it forever. This is why:

ENS is short for Ethereum Name Service which allows you to create nicknames for Ethereum addresses.

ENS is not limited to being a “domain” in the way we are accustomed to understanding domains in web2. It functions as a 100% decentralized name lookup system and it’s not controlled by a centralized authority. This means it’s much safer to use than centralized applications.

ENS is an asset with more utility than a “domain” as we understand DNS domains, here are some features it already offers:

  • A simple wallet address to receive crypto and NFTs
  • Digital assets that can be subdivided into subdomains
  • A business card or contact info
  • Sign in to web3 apps

You can also use it as a domain for you website and with future updates, it is possible to be your email server as well.

ENS is a DAO designed to be a public good product according to @VitalikButerin … his Twitter handle is Vitalik.eth

Mass adoption for ENS is coming and owning your favorite name in .eth is going to protect you from having to buy it in the secondary market in the future. Any one can change their handle to Pikachu but there will always be only 1 pickachu.eth.

Think of web3 gaming and the Metaverse, they need an easy system to integrate with and verify names and I think $ENS is the solution everyone is waiting for.

ENS connects all the dots for me and I hope to share this so that we can all secure our cool usernames for the future. Here are some helpful links:

Wish you all the best.


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