What is the ENS name wrapper? ERC1155?

ENS name wrapper is almost here! What is it?

1- The name wrapper grants the ability to turn any .eth name into a ERC1155 NFT so this is powerful.

2- Wrapping a .eth domain enables the parent domain to restrict what can occur with subdomains. The owner of example.eth can allow the creation of sub1.example.eth and restrict further subdomaining

This prevents sub1 from creating sub2.sub1.example.eth

3- The name wrapper works by introducing the concept of fuses (rights), such as the right to:

  • transfer
  • subdomain further
  • set text records

Each fuse can be enabled/disabled permanently & irrevocably

In other words, unruggable subdomains are almost here!

4- Let’s say I control example.eth and want to give my fren a subdomain of fren.example.eth. I can do this today, but my fren would need to trust me that I would never pull that subdomain back.

Trust me??? that’s Web 2.0 BS!

We can do better

5- With the name wrapper i burn some fuses that make rugging any subdomain of example.eth impossible*

a now my fren can truly own fren.example.eth

*CAVEAT: if the registration period lapses for example.eth, then the subdomains would also lapse

6- Learn more on github: https://github.com/ensdomains/name-wrapper…

Youtube: Makoto Inoue : State of ENS @makoto_inoue

…and that’s a wrap! Thank you.

Credit: https://twitter.com/alexslobodnik?s=21&t=IdfEgCROqzIvODcRMwSOdA

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the owner of the SLD or anyone for that matter, would be able to renew that TLD, if there was enough value there @ $5, $160 or $640

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