What is the value of your ENS domain?

What is the value of your .eth domain, how much does it worth now, how much for future?

Recently ENS domain registration is boosting, thanks to ENS dao coin. Lots of people bought an ENS domain because it is cool as a proud ID/address of crypto world, others just for a flip.

How much does ENS domain worth, for example, game.eth. 10ETH? 100ETH? 1000ETH+?
Someone might laugh, but let me ask you another question, is it still crazy to cost 1000ETH+, if the suffix change to .com? Can you buy game.com with 4.5 million dollars? Hell no!

What can .com do? IP association, for establishing a web2.0 website, mostly for business. What can .eth do? Hash association, for establishing a web3.0 dweb as well as personal wallet/ID. ENS is not only for business, every person deserves to own one to enter the crypto world.

We studied “computer” at school, we using laptops when we started to work, and now we all love our pads. I loved Nokia (which touches great), I laughed at smart phone, and now I can’t live without my iPhone. Sometimes we just need to “zoom out”.

The top ENS domain is really cool. If you run a game project, you can build your web3 portal and link it to game.eth, associate your crypto account(for wiring) as game.eth, then build a contract for allowing your users to register subdomain such as jack.game.eth.

This is the trend for future, and this is not something .com can do. Traditional TLD is centralized, old way, old rules managed by old people. They stopped learning for long. They keep saying .com is the king, all other suffixes are shit. How about .eth?

Someone might argue: traditional TLDs will be integrated into ENS, that’s why .eth is useless. Fact is, thanks to that, more people will be acquainted for hash association, thousands of TLDs will carry greater value because of ENS integration, then who will be that final king?

There are millions of jack/john/mary in the world, while there is only one jack.eth/john.eth, as your ID, bank account, and your homepage. Buy it when you still can afford it. Otherwise when you have to live with r1chard.eth, don’t you worry the wiring go to the real richard.eth?

If you attempt to squat on ENS, it’s not a shame thing, but just don’t do too much. Domain’s essence is liability instead of asset, due to the renewal expense. You can swap 10000 shitcoin to a bitcoin, but with 10000 shit domains, you will be poor forever by keep losing cash flow

For example, Game.eth may target for sell at 5000ETH, its renewal is $160 annually. While 10000 shit domains target sell at 0.5 ETH each, and total renewal is at least $50000. At the meantime, selling one super domain is way easier than selling 10000 shit.

Thank you for your reading, my friend. If you have any questions on ENS, feel free to comment or DM, and appreciate it if you can retweet. We are lucky to participate in the early phase of blockchain, it is the best of times. Yes, still early phase even now, if we do zoom out.

By Master.eth

Great points! I think one of the biggest differences between DNS and ENS is that the former is primarily for businesses whereas the latter is for both businesses and individuals.

It would be helpful if the author can elaborate on hash association.