What makes a grail?

What makes a grail?

If you have been on Twitter for any length of time; you would have heard 10s if not 100s of claims that xyz or abc is a grail. You would not be blamed to be scratching your head and thinking Wtf?

Let’s discuss what a grail really is. A discussion thread

According to Merriam Webster; a grail is the object of an extended or difficult quest or by dictionary.com any greatly desired and sought-after objective; ultimate ideal or reward. A grail can either be a personal one or an ENS community like 999club

A personal grail can be any specific NFT or asset which is tightly held by another individual or institution; for example, a specific name or date which is personal or important to you. However, this may or may not translate to high price levels and liquidity.

However, a greatly desired ideal or objective held by a community like the 999ENSArabic can be easily identified: Is it widely accepted to be desirable? Is there a lasting appeal? Is there a potential or existing market that is willing to pay top dollar for it?

Rarity and traits often correlate with an item being a grail, but it is not a 1-to-1 link. For example; that 1967 Datsun car which is in your garage may be rare, but it is probably not a grail.

Constructive feedback/ retweets are appreciated.

What is your personal or community grail? Leave them in the comments below.

I think you have to segment into categories such as geography, type of entity, etc.

For instance, China is a massive market for numeric domains.

Another example is corporations they may have a different definition than others.