Why I'm collecting 999 Passports

Why I’m collecting 999 Passports:

  • IRL I’ve traveled to 30+ countries - Currently collecting at least 1 :brazil:999 from each country I’ve visited IRL
  • During the post-Covid era, international travel has been difficult
  • Now I can visit newly forming meta-countries: :iceland:999

Web 3 is about Identity

  • The 999Passport allows us to build our identity to include the places we’ve traveled and are interested in - Everyone has their ENS, next people will add their origin (their pseudonymous personality’s origin) - We can immigrate on-chain

Price Point

  • In ENS it’s not just the price, it’s the carry cost
  • 3 & 4 character names are $53 & $13 per month … that’s too high to for mass adoption - 999Passport only is $0.42/month
  • Anyone and everyone semi-interested in ENS can afford one

Expands the Community

  • On the way from 1.5m ENS names to 20m ENS names, a lot of random stuff will be minted - How does ENS Digits expand it’s community?
  • 5ds, 6ds or concept of 999 applied to existing national identity
  • I feel more connected to my passports > my 5ds

Clean af

  • They stand out & look great
  • Adding in the name on twitter is a perfect accent
  • Just like a 3 or 4 digit, the 999 Passport is self explanatory
  • The sheer number of ENS community members who put these in their name this week
  • speaks volumes

Flags = IP

  • Regardless if we are choosing our IRL origins or a country we resonate with … these flags are brands - What other IP has so much global appeal & is not violating trademark/copyright?
  • ENS community can tap cultural IP w/ 0 risk of DMCA

Dreaming Big

  • Current tech allows for L2 passport stamping visiting on-chain version of countries/points of interest
  • EiffelTower.eth could sit in a single-asset wallet that “stamps” :united_arab_emirates:321 passport with a :fr: on-chain
  • Community can create a meta layer on IRL places

IRL Meet Ups

  • It’s hard to find like minded web3 people in your IRL setting - 999 Passports will connect you with a physically accessible passionate ENS community - Maybe you are going on vacation to :vietnam:, you buy :vietnam:232
  • to give you access to IRL event while in-country


  • ENS as Cash Flow Asset - Perhaps you live in :brazil:, you buy 12 :brazil:### passports
  • When web3 people visit, you lease :brazil: passports to them
  • You provide them w/ IRL tours to local web3 starts ups
  • Entrepreneurs can leverage these assets for cash flow w/ sweat equity

Technology is Log Scale

  • In order for ENS to grow, we need to think in 10x terms

  • We don’t need a new 5k or 10k project club … we need something that brings 100k people into ENS - There’s ~200k 999Passport possibilities

  • That’s the scale we NEED

  • Community & Connection

  • ~200k 999Passports minted

  • Massive community

  • How do they connect?

  • Australia 999, Swiss 999, Brazil 999, Nigeria 999

  • Each 999 club has ~1110 members, small enough to connect

  • When we “travel” we will be entering vibrant communities

By 008

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